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Introducing Our “Premium” Script Package for Web WhatsApp

Our Regular WhatsApp Accessibility Script

Our regular Web.WhatsApp script continues to be maintained. As the WhatsApp website changes, we need to make changes to our scripts so that functionality and accessibility for you remains as good as you have come to expect from F123 Access. However, we are now launching the new, “Premium” Version of the Web WhatsApp Accessibility Package.

Our new, “Premium” Version of the WhatsApp Script

We have developed some very helpful additional features (described below), and they are in a separate “premium” package.  We are keeping these features separate for two reasons: One, they are harder to maintain, and , Two, we think that they are not essential but valuable enough that those who find them useful might help support continued maintenance work.  That is continued maintenance of both the basic, free WhatsApp Package and the premium version.

Free Trial before subscribing

We offer a free three-week trial of the Premium package to all users, after which a donation of US$6 for three months use is requested.

To request your free 3-week trial subscription, please check the request checkbox on your My Preferences page, just after the WhatsApp package combo box.

Special, Premium Features

  • Indication of sent, delivered and read messages.
  • Information on who sent the last message in a specific conversation.
  • Information on how many unread messages you have in a specific conversation.
  • Information on the message type sent on a specific conversation.
    Example: Audio, image or video. If text, it reads the notification without opening, as in WhatsApp for mobile devices.
  • Indication of status “Recording Audio” or “typing” when a person is sending a message to you, as in WhatsApp for mobile devices.
  • Choose where the focus of the screen reader should be to open a conversation: In the edit field, or at the first unread message of the conversation.

This package makes Web WhatsApp very similar to WhatsApp for mobile devices.

A Message from Our Sponsor

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