The F123 Access service is moving to a new architecture and host:  LouderPages’ new LEAP  Add-On.

You may deactivate the F123 Access service on your browser by unchecking the corresponding option in the F123 Access option on your browser’s menu. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Firefox Problems

Mozilla has been migrating Firefox extensions to a new software architecture. This has caused problems for existing extensions, including F123 Access.  We have waited for Firefox to stabilize and complete the needed internal change, before we decided how to make the move to the new architecture.  We must move or else F123 Access will not […]

Custom Labels in Beta Test

We are looking for beta-testers for our new “Custom Labels” feature in F123 Access.  This feature allows you do add your own labels to unlabeled buttons, form fields, image and links on any web-page you come across. The labels will then appear every time you visit the page using F123 Access.  The buttons will be […]