Accessibility Package Inserts Labels Automatically

F123 Access  improves the accessibility of web pages thanks to special computer code designed to correct problems. We divide that software code in what we call accessibility packages. Some accessibility packages are specific to certain web pages, such as WhatsApp or Facebook, while others are generic, and can make corrections in a wide variety of pages. A new general-use accessibility package is available now to all F123 Access users. This new package automatically labels buttons, form fields, and links in many instances.

You can activate or deactivate your accessibility packages by checking or unchecking them under “My Preferences”, in the F123 Access menu. You may quickly open the F123 Access menu with Alt+3 and once you enter the preferences option, you will find two sections. One contains settings and the other lists the packages available to you.

it is also worth mentioning that you will hear a discrete beep when you move over any item on the page where F123 Access has made an improvement. You can deactivate this beep on the same page where you find the accessibility packages, but in the settings area.

If you encounter any difficulties or want to participate with our team and users offering suggestions, asking questions, or sharing your experiences with F123 Access, please join our Google Group. To join, simply send a blank e-mail message to: [email protected]