You can Filter-Out those Annoying Social Network Links

A new accessibility package is now available to users of F123 Access version 3.0.2 and newer.  This package removes those social media links which appear all over the web: Share on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter,  or LinkedIn.   You can switch it on by going to “My Preferences” in the F123 Access menu, and activating the […]

WhatsApp: Attachment Buttons, Message Read Status, and ‘Blank Page’ Reports

one of our users noticed that there were two buttons without labels when using Web WhatsApp to send an attachment. We investigated and our fixes were not working anymore because of a change done by the WhatsApp team. The labels are now fixed and the buttons are once again accessible. Another report from a few […]

Web WhatsApp Fixes

WhatsApp made some changes again to their website version, which meant that conversations can fail to appear in the correct order. We have responded with an updated WhatsApp script package for F123 Access.  You need to be running at least Version 2.4 of the F123 Access extension in order to obtain the new package. You […]