Chrome Extension – New Version 4.1.1

First of all, this relates to a fix for our F123 Access menu, and does not solve the continuing problem of JAWS inability to access that menu.

We have discovered that not all NVDA users are hearing the check mark on the F123 Access menu item which controls whether the extension is active or not.

Some of you may hear a message such as “check – Active” to indicate the extension is active, but sometimes you may not due to the “check” being rendered as a symbol using Unicode

Unfortunately, our additional, text notice on the Active status was failing to be announced, due to a bug, which is now fixed.

You should now hear either “Active – Checked” or “Active – Unchecked”, and if you are lucky enough to have that unicode symbol working, you will hear that before the “Active – Checked”.

Our apologies for the bug and ensuing confusion, and hope that all NVDA users will try the latest version of our extension – 4.1.1 as of today.