Custom Labels in Beta Test

We are looking for beta-testers for our new “Custom Labels” feature in F123 Access.  This feature allows you do add your own labels to unlabeled buttons, form fields, image and links on any web-page you come across.

The labels will then appear every time you visit the page using F123 Access.  The buttons will be available only to you at this time, but we plan to allow you to publish any of your labels so that other F123 Access users can use them.

Here are some brief details on how it works:

  1. First you must be using at least version 4.1.3 of F123 Access
  2. Ask us to configure you with this package.
  3. Once we respond, go to My Preferences, and way down at the bottom you should come across the following:

    400 – Custom Labels   (checkbox) Use defined labels for form elements, buttons, links and images

    Select that checkbox and hit Update.

  4. Now, when you load a page with F123 Access, you should find, at or near the bottom of the page, a link, “Enable Label Editor”.
  5. Now, when you come across something on a page with a missing label, and you can figure out a good label for it, click on the “Enable Label Editor” link. It should change to “Disable Label Editor”
  6. If you now look at the page you should find, after unlabeled element, a link called “Open Label Editor”.
  7. Click that link after the place you want to add a label, and you should be taken to  little form which has three inputs:  A language selector, set to “EN” for English. Just leave that for now, during beta-testing. Then there is a text input where you can put in your own label for this button.  You may be offered a third element – as select on the type of label you are entering. You can ignore that and just hit submit. You should get a message back “Inserted” or “Success”. Now, if you refresh that page, this new label should appear like a regular label.
  8. Now, what this does is store your label locally on your computer, and it also sends it to our server for storage so that you can (a) get it the next time you start-up your browser and (b) so you can get it on any other copies of F123 Access you are using.
  9. IMPORTANT NOTE:  You are posting information to our server about what sites you are labeling, so be aware of that privacy issue.  We are not interested in knowing what you are looking at, but be aware of this issue. If this Custom labeling is successful, and people require it, we will look at ways of encrypting your data so that no one but you can tell what it is.