Invitation to test our Label Downloader

When our Automatic Labeling package still can’t work out how to fix unlabeled links, images or forms, then it may be time for our “Label Downloader“.

Please read the documentation on that last link to learn how to turn Label Downloading on and to request that we create new labels.  Right now we in the F123 Access team have to look at and create new labels for you, but if this proves popular we will look at creating a community of volunteers as well as allowing you to make your own labels.

First though, for you to get a flavor of what this package – and our database can do – please try the following:

  1. With F123 Access switched off, visit this page with a sign-up form to register for online surveys.  Notice how inaccessible the form is.
  2. Now, switch on F123 Access, making sure that you have the Label Download package enabled, and have given permission for the Add On to tell our server which web-site you are looking at (both of these are set in your My Preferences page, from the F123 Access menu on the browser.)

If you would like to see a similar job done for a web-page which is important to you, please let us know by using the F123 Access menu item “Report this page to server” and then requesting labeling.