Quick Guide

The Menu

Finding the Menu

Firefox: The menu is placed after “Edit” and before “View” on the top menu bar of Firefox.  A short-cut to get there is Alt-3 for most computers.

Chrome:  A short-cut to get there is Alt-0.

The “Active” Item

If this item is checked, then F123 Access will run on any page when it is loaded.  If it is unchecked then F123 Access will make no changes to a page.

An important note: When F123 Access is made Active, no changes will be made to any existing web-page in the browser, until that page is re-loaded or a new page is loaded.  Thus, if you are looking at a page, then switch on F123 Access you will see no change to the page until you refresh it.  The same applies to any changes you make to your Preferences (see below).

My Preferences

Clicking this menu option will open a web-page where a number of preferences or configuration choices can be made.

Before or after reading below, here is a link to a helpful audio tutorial by F123 user, Jose Tamayo on the Blind Tech Youtube Channel.

There are two sections:

The first, “Settings” is where you can tell the system things you would like to happen, and also inform it of what screen-reader you use, so that fixes and advice might be tailored to your screen-reader commands.

The second allows you to choose, where possible, which “packages” of scripts you wish to use in F123 Access.  Packages currently are of two types:  Those specific to one website, e.g. Facebook, and those, termed “auto” which will apply themselves to any website if they can.  For a list of available packages and their features, see the Documentation on Packages.

Report this Page to Server

This item may or may not show up on your menu, depending on what scripts you are running. If it is available, please use it to tell us about a web-page which is either giving you accessibility problems, or where you think F123 Access is failing to improve the situation.  Often, giving us the URL of the page will not allow us to see it (you are logged in to a site, and we are not); in such a case you can choose to send us a copy of the page.

Blacklist menu

The user can add websites that they do not want F123 Access to reformat.

Version Number

This simply lets you know what version of the software you are running: Useful if you want to check on what features are available, and so that you can tell us if reporting any problem. You can check that you have the latest version by clicking the next menu item:

Check for Updates

Clicking this will find and install the latest version of the software.  If you have selected automatic updates within the your browser’s Add-On or Extensions manager, you should usually have the most recent version anyway.