F123 Access Version 3.0 Released

This update includes mostly technical optimizations that will not be evident for most users. Those who have access to the automatic labeling package are more likely to notice greater speed. Updating is recommended for all users, as future improvements to the WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, and other packages will only be available for version 3.0. Your […]

Web WhatsApp Fixes

WhatsApp made some changes again to their website version, which meant that conversations can fail to appear in the correct order. We have responded with an updated WhatsApp script package for F123 Access.  You need to be running at least Version 2.4 of the F123 Access extension in order to obtain the new package. You […]

FireFox Extension

Our version of F123 Access for the Firefox extension is not compatible with the new version of the Firefox browser.  We hope to release a new version of our extension for Firefox in the near future, but meanwhile please try our version for Chrome.