Script Packages

What is a Script Package?

Scripts are the small programs which we develop and which run inside F123 Access. They each look for certain features in a web-page and improve its accessibility.

We group scripts which work on a similar type of problem, or on a particular site into a “package”.  We are continually improving the scripts, and – in the case of those for a certain web-site, keeping them up to date with new features and changes in the website they are fixing.

You can select which packages to run in your particular copy of F123 Access – they will be downloaded from our server and kept up to date.

We will discuss our generic fixes first, and then list thespecific websites we do a more complete job on.  These websites are currently: Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube. They were chosen for their high popularity, complexity and varying degrees of inaccessibility.  Although the packages are mostly used for what they do to allow people to access these sites, they also act as demonstrations of what F123 Access can do: We are looking to take on more sites based on their importance to users.

Generic or “Auto” Fix Packages

We have a number of scripts grouped into the following packages. For details and examples of what each does, follow the link to each package’s page.

  • Social Network Link Filter.   Reduces the amount of information you must read by hiding social network links in most pages (Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn(), and Twitter).
  • Automatic Labeling.  Attempts to fix unlabelled links, images and forms by using clues elsewhere on the web-page.
  • Link-Labeling from Destination.  Looks ahead to the destination of links in order to generate a label where none is given or can be guessed.
  • Label Downloader.  For missing labels which the above two packages cannot determine with their logic, a growing database of labels, created by volunteers and users can be consulted on our servers.
  • Navigation Menu Fixer. Fixes some navigation menus whose sub-menus need a mouse to reveal.
  • ARIA Fixer. Fixes common problems with ARIA, a W3C standard for making dynamic pages accessible.
  • In-Page Table of Contents. Can report explicitly with an input menu on the presence of ARIA landmarks, and in some cases generate its own landmarks.
  • Stop Auto-Playing of Videos.  Seeks to identify videos which start playing on web-page load, and stops them.

Web-site Specific Packages

  • Easy-Read for Newspapers. This package simplifies the interface of some newspapers to make reading the news easier and more efficient.
  • Web WhatsApp.  Although the WhatsApp mobile app is accessible, typing on the phone is difficult.  WhatsApp also has a web-site which allows for easy typing. It is however, completely inaccessible (without this F123 Access package.)
  • Facebook.  Facebook Inc. has a large accessibility team, making great strides but the order of some elements of its pages can benefit from re-ordering. The Facebook chat is also made fully accessible with this package of scripts.
  • YouTube.  Since we developed this script package, YouTube has improved a lot – mainly through the wider adoption of the HTML5 video player.  Our package has some further helpful improvementst though.