Automatic Labeling

This package of scripts will run on any web-page and looks for missing labels in the following page elements and attempts to remedy them:

  • Links.  We can often determine labels for unlabeled links by looking at information hidden or shown elsewhere on the page. (Another package of scripts, Link-Labeling from Destination takes another approach.)
  • Images.   The content of images cannot be interpreted by our software (yet) but there are other clues embedded within the page which can allow the script to label images –  mostly icons.
  • Form elements.  Input fields, selection menus, buttons, checkboxes, etc. are often not properly labeled.  There is text on the page which the visual user can easily match to inputs and controls, but which have not been properly specified so that a screen reader can connect the information. Our script uses algorithms to find and associate nearby text with form elements, as well as looking behind the scenes and within a form input for clues.