The F123 Access reformatting package for the Facebook website.

Here are the main changes to Facebook with F123 Access

Facebook Headers

The major sections on the Facebook page can be found with your screen-reader’s command for level 1 headers. This is usually 1 and Shift+1. Level 4 headers are used for names of friends and level 5 for stories on the newsfeed. Level 6 header indicates the button to load more posts on your newsfeed.

Friend Requests and Newsfeed

Depending on your selection on the F123 Access”My Preferences” settings, these lists will be either structured as tables or with headings, to make reviewing and acting on them easier and faster for you.

Making a post on Facebook

It is now possible to see all of the settings for privacy, etc. and to change them while making a post.

Facebook Short-Cut Keys

Alt-C will place you on the keyboard shortcut menu where you can use the letter F to jump to the search box for that page, or the H key to jump to the home page of that site.

Facebook Chat

You can now hear an audio notification when you receive a chat message and you can quickly review previous messages looking for level 4 and level 5 headers with your screen reader. Messages sent to you are shown with level 4 headers, and messages sent by you are shown with level 5 headers. This is the same arrangement F123 Access uses on Web WhatsApp.

You can also easily send a text message by pressing the ‘Enter’ key when you are finished writing. There is no need to press Tab and then click on the ‘Send’ button.