Label Downloader

This package of scripts can fix missing labels if our central database knows of labels to use.  This database is being built up by interested users requesting a fairly quick labeling exercise on sites where our automated labeling packages do not succeed.

We do not add this data into any specific package because it is too large and most users will need only part of it.

In order for this package to operate though, you must specifically allow it to contact our data server. To do this use the My Preferences menu item, and find the Labeling Service option.

We are working on making a directory of web-sites for which we have data.

If you want a specific web-site labelled, please send us a note and copy of  web-page by using the “Report this page to server” item on the F123 Access menu.

We are also beta-testing a tool which allows a sighted volunteer to create labels. If you feel that you can provide and team up with a sighted volunteer who may label for you sites you need, let us know.