The F123 Access reformatting package for

Youtube Headers

As you will also observe in many other pages reformatted with F123 Access, Youtube has the major sections of the page marked with a level 1 header. So in most screen-readers you will be able to move between them using 1 and Shift+1.

You can also easily find the titles of videos using level 4 headers, again, pressing 4 or Shift 4 in most screen readers.

Youtube Shortcuts

If you are using a Mac computer and you have set your Preferences to tell us that, then instead of Alt+C in what follows, use Control+X.

F123 Access also provides keyboard shortcuts on every page of Youtube. Just like with Facebook, you can press Alt+C and the letter H to go to the home page, or Alt+C and the letter F to go to the search box of the current page. Just remember that for search we used F as in “Find”.

If there is a video on the page, typing Alt+C then P will focus the player controls (see below).

And, if there is an advertisement playing which has the option of being skipped, then Alt+C then K will skip it.

Video Player Controls:

On Youtube F123 Access provides accessible video control buttons that allow you to Pause, Fast Forward, or Rewind each video using the left and right arrow keys to move between them.