Web WhatsApp Fixes

WhatsApp made some changes again to their website version, which meant that conversations can fail to appear in the correct order.

We have responded with an updated WhatsApp script package for F123 Access.  You need to be running at least Version 2.4 of the F123 Access extension in order to obtain the new package. You can check your version on the F123 Access menu, easily accessible with Alt+3.

If you are on a Version 2.4 or later, you will obtain the new package version automatically in due course, or immediately whenever you switch on F123 Access.

To get the update immediately, follow these steps:

  • 1. Deactivate F123 Access using the first option on its menu. To easily do this, simply press Alt+3 and then press ‘Enter’.
  • 2. Activate F123 Access again with Alt+3 and ‘Enter’.
  • 3. Next time you open Web WhatsApp the new fix will be active. If the page is already on your screen, please refresh the page by pressing F5.