WhatsApp: Attachment Buttons, Message Read Status, and ‘Blank Page’ Reports

one of our users noticed that there were two buttons without labels when using Web WhatsApp to send an attachment. We investigated and our fixes were not working anymore because of a change done by the WhatsApp team. The labels are now fixed and the buttons are once again accessible.

Another report from a few users describes situations where Web WhatsApp shows a blank screen. We have also investigated this and it seems to be caused by a new script recently added by the WhatsApp team. We are not sure of the reason for the new script and cannot correct for this problem. Our recommendation is that you reload the page pressing F5, when you encounter a blank page.

Finally, some users in our Google Group for Portuguese speakers asked if we could add an indicator so they could know when a message had been heard. This is working now. If you review messages you sent using level 5 headers, you will hear the word “heard” at the end of your message, if it has been heard already. The message will not have anything at the end if it has not yet been heard.

If you already have version 3.0.1, you can get these improvements by toggling F123 Access off and on again. Smaller updates, like this one, will only require you to toggle F123 Access off and back on again. You can do this through the very first option on the F123 Access menu, called “Active”. Simply open the F123 Access menu and press the ‘Enter’ key at the “Active” option to uncheck it, and then do the same to check it. This can be done fairly quickly with the Alt+3 keyboard shortcut in Mozilla Firefox and ‘Enter’.

There are two things that are important to do after turning F123 Access off and on again, and they are both easy to forget. First, you should wait a couple of seconds before doing anything after you turn the extension on again. This is because at this time, the extension will download its rules and this may take a few seconds. Second, you will only see changes caused by the new update once you refresh your current web page. You can refresh by pressing ‘F5’.

If you encounter any difficulties or want to participate with our team and users offering suggestions, asking questions, or sharing your experiences with F123 Access, please join our Google Group. To join, simply send a blank e-mail message to: [email protected]